Recently, director Edgar Wright posted a list of his 1000 favourite films. As massive fans of Wright, my sister and I (somewhat drunkenly) decided to work our way through the list (’cause we have nothing better to dooooo). So we have decided to dedicate some time between actual work, reading books and playing Pok√©mon Go (it’s highly addictive!) to this project.

We will attempt to watch them in chronological order and document our filmatic journey in this blog. (Note that we are not film critics or professionals in any way! We just love films.)

Our aim is to post at least two films a week, but when winter creeps in over Norway (usually early September), there may be more frequent updates as there is no way of doing anything outside anyway.

In advance, we would like to thank YouTube, Netflix, our local library and my personal DVD collection for providing the films (I actually already owned 84 of the films on the list, which may not be that much considering there are 1000 films to get through, but as my collection consists of less than 500 films, I am quite pleased that 84 of them made the list).

And finally, we would like to extend our gratitude to the awesome Edgar Wright for making the list (thus giving us purpose for the next four years or so), and of course for making kick-ass films, all of which would feature high up on our personal top 1000 lists!

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