Out of Movies!

Geetings, gentle reader. We’re currently experiencing another consequence of Covid-19: we’re out of movies!

We’ve got literally nothing to watch!

Ok, not quite out, but the next 5 or so movies on the list are either being held hostage in the closed library and/or on their way here but delayed due to the overworked postal system. You see, once most of the world went into lockdown, we got a message from our Patron Saint and all around good guy Edgar Wright himself offering to send us whichever movies we were missing and/or unable to get our hand on. And he’s been true to his word and ordered us a bunch of stuff! Because he is amazing. However, due to the aforementioned lockdown, things are slow to ship and we’re now unfortunately out of stuff.

We have made the executive decision to give it another week, and if we still can’t get to the library, or if the films haven’t arrived, we’ll just skip ahead a few places and then go back and add in the others as we get them.

Hope you are all safe and healthy. We’ll be back next weekend with either Batman, Blow-Up or Fantastic Voyage – the fates (and the library/postal service) will decide!

Summer Break

Greetings, good People of the Internet.

As summer is upon us, with constant rain and temperatures around 9°C in Trondheim, we are taking a (well deserved, we think) break from blogging to go traipsing around Asia for a while. Thus, there will be no updates for the coming month or so. But despair not! In mid-August we will be back with renewed energy and an overabundance of plucky can-do attitude, ready to dive into 1964 and bring you the next chapter in our movie watching odyssey.

Until then, have an excellent summer. Read, watch movies, cuddle a dog or ten, and just have an amazing time. We know we will.

We love you all!

Stuck in India

Hello, gentle reader. You may be sad and confused about the lack of recent updates, and our radio silence on social media, and we do not blame you. However, we can explain.

At the beginning of the Easter break, a holiday in Norway traditionally celebrated with cabin trips (the more primitive the cabin, the better), skiing, oranges and crime books, Sister the Youngest went against all that is holy and opted instead for a yoga retreat in India.

Clearly, Jesus disapproved (he agrees that the best way to commemorate his death is by reading Nordic Noir books about serial killers) and punished her by cancelling her flight back home. So now she’s stuck in Goa for an extra few days and as such is not only unable to watch movies, but also tweet about them. Which means Sister the Oldest cannot be arsed writing blog entries until her younger and more technically savvy partner in crime is back to tweet about them.

TL,DR: Sister the Youngest chose yoga over serial killers, Jesus didn’t like it, she’s stuck in India which means no more blog entries until next weekend.

We’ll be back soon! Thank you all for your patience. We love you dearly.

Thank you, Edgar!

As regular readers probably know, we lost our dog a few weeks ago. Our Patron Saint Edgar Wright himself read this and contacted us expressing his condolences, which we greatly appreciated. However, he didn’t stop there. He decided to buy us our entire Amazon wishlist (at least everything which would ship to Norway)! And so, these have been trickling into our mailbox over the past couple of weeks:


Fourteen new movies!!! Honestly, we are so thankful for this amazing present, and we definitely picked the right director to worship. Thank you so much again, Edgar! You rock!

Favourites #151 to #200

Once again we’ve gone through 50 films, so it’s time for a recap of old and new favourites. There may be a lot to go through this time, so we recommend you wrap up warm, bring a drink and a snack and make yourself comfortable before you delve into our old posts. Happy reading!

Use the above list as your to do-list this weekend, and have a brilliant time!

Favourites #101 to #150

As is tradition, once we go through 50 films, we do a recap of our favourites – new and old. So, here we go again. Make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee, and dive into our old(ish) posts (warning: there are a lot this time!).

By the way, we admit that these 50 have taken us a bit longer than the first two sets of 50, and we can only apologize and make silly excuses such as sometimes we have to do actual life stuff. Which we do. But we’ll be better – we promise. Or at least not worse…

Stay tuned for Quatermass 2: Enemy From Space coming up sooner than you’d think!


Hello the Internet!

We suspect that you are all waiting eagerly at home, refreshing your browsers and wondering if we’re going to update soon, or if we have perished from fatigue in our effort to get through 1000 films. So we are here to tell you that 1) we are very much still alive, and 2) we will update as soon as we can. We are currently having difficulty getting our hands on a film, because the library’s copy seems to have vanished. We are now in the process of ordering it from another library, but it will take a few days to get here.

We are very sorry about the delay, and we promise to post more often for a couple of weeks once we’re back to our usual viewing routine.

While you wait, enjoy this picture of doggo watching Spaceballs.

Barf is a little bit scary…

Happy One Year Anniversary to Us!

Hello, the internet!

Today marks our one year anniversary for this project. Yay!

One year and 120 movies. It may take us some time to reach 1000… But we’re still going strong with no intentions of quitting – we’ve invested way too much time and money in this to give up now! Besides, The Great Edgar Wright himself has promised us a signed Baby Driver poster when we reach #1000. That in itself is motivation enough to keep going (although, to be honest, we think we might deserve a parade when the day arrives).

As we celebrate with alcoholic goodness and perhaps a film or two, we will introduce you to our film buddy – our lovely doggo Dewin who enjoys watching films with us, especially when there are animals on screen. Bask in his gloriousness, you magnificent bastards! We love you all!

Watching House of Wax
Wet dog burrito watching High Noon – with horses!
Dogs are barking in the background of A Place in the Sun. Hecking fascinating
Stole Sister the Oldest’s chair while we cheated and watched The Last of Sheila way too early. Cheeky!
Here’s to us and the next year! Skål!

Stay tuned for Magnificent Obsession coming at you tomorrow!


Favourites From #51 to #100

We’ve reached 100, and so it’s tradition to do a summary of old and new favourites so far (we’ve done it once before, hence the use of the word “tradition”). So pour yourself your beverage of choice, kick back, and enjoy going through our old posts.

Old favourites we’ve enjoyed rewatching:

New favourites we’ll definitely rewatch in the future:

Films, old and new, which left us mentally scarred for life and in desperate need of pictures of puppies:

Again, thank you all for joining us in this adventure and for reading our rambles on classic films which countless other people have written about more profoundly and eloquently than we could ever dream of doing. We’re having a blast!

We’ll leave you with an artist’s rendition of our physical and mental state 100 films in. Who’s who is up for debate…