Recently, director Edgar Wright posted a list of his 1000 favourite films. As massive fans of Wright, my sister and I (somewhat drunkenly) decided to work our way through the list (’cause we have nothing better to dooooo). So we have decided to dedicate some time between actual work, reading books and occasionally socialising to this project. We’re even rewatching all the ones we’ve already seen.

We will attempt to watch them in chronological order and document our filmatic journey in this blog. (Note that we are not film critics, film scholars or professionals in any way! We just love films. This may become apparent over the course of the blog…)

Our aim may have originally been to post at least two films a week, but as it turns out, life gets in the way. We both work full time, have other hobbies, and occasionally even socialize, so updates will come sometimes often, sometimes infrequently. But we won’t give up until we reach number 1000!

In advance, we would like to thank YouTube, Netflix (other streaming services are available), our local library and our personal DVD collection for providing the films. We would also like to thank second hand shops (Fretex in particular), E-Bay, Amazon’s Wish List function and all other purveyors of DVDs and streaming services we may have need of.

And finally, we would like to extend our gratitude to the awesome Edgar Wright for making the list (thus giving our lives purpose for the next four years or so), and of course for making kick-ass films, all of which would feature high up on our personal top 1000 lists!

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EDIT: It seems the list is slightly in flux, and as such there may be differences between our blog posts and Mr. Wright’s list at any given time and some numbers are liable to change. However, we will try to cover as much as possible and check for updates once in a while. Feel free to let us know if we’ve missed an update or a change to the list.

EDIT 2: When new items are added or removed, as has just happened (in January 2017), we will post the recent additions as soon as we can, with their proper numbers, and continue on using the current number of the films as we watch them.

Until we have a clear system, should you come across two films which are both at number 37 and none that are at number 72, it is just because we’re too lazy to go back and change all the numbers and we’re always working with the list as it is on the day of posting.

This also means that you will get BONUS POSTS! Yay! Any film which is removed from the official list after we’ve already posted it will of course stay up, and any film which is removed after we’ve already purchased the DVD, will still get a blog entry. Because we would have spent money on that and by God people will see it! (Also, any film deemed worthy of being on the list at some point is definitely worthy of watching and subsequently blogging about) Our guess is that we’ll end up with something more like 1500 films by the time it’s over.