Geetings, gentle reader. We’re currently experiencing another consequence of Covid-19: we’re out of movies!

We’ve got literally nothing to watch!

Ok, not quite out, but the next 5 or so movies on the list are either being held hostage in the closed library and/or on their way here but delayed due to the overworked postal system. You see, once most of the world went into lockdown, we got a message from our Patron Saint and all around good guy Edgar Wright himself offering to send us whichever movies we were missing and/or unable to get our hand on. And he’s been true to his word and ordered us a bunch of stuff! Because he is amazing. However, due to the aforementioned lockdown, things are slow to ship and we’re now unfortunately out of stuff.

We have made the executive decision to give it another week, and if we still can’t get to the library, or if the films haven’t arrived, we’ll just skip ahead a few places and then go back and add in the others as we get them.

Hope you are all safe and healthy. We’ll be back next weekend with either Batman, Blow-Up or Fantastic Voyage – the fates (and the library/postal service) will decide!

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