Hello, gentle reader.

We would (once again – this is becoming a habit) like to apologize for the recent lack of posts. It is exam time, and while we no longer have to go through the hell that is taking exams, we are (un)fortunate enough to be greatly affected by other people’s misery as we both work with students in different capacities. Thus, we may not be able to write anything new until next week as we have to put a lot of time and effort into each blog post (as we’re sure is apparent to all readers). However, next week the exam period is over and we will run out of excuses to postpone posting any longer.

We’re looking forward to entertaining you again next week, and we love you all. Hopefully, you’ll be able to cope without us for a few more days. If not, hit us up on Twitter. Anything to help us procrastinate…

Favourites #101 to #150

As is tradition, once we go through 50 films, we do a recap of our favourites – new and old. So, here we go again. Make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee, and dive into our old(ish) posts (warning: there are a lot this time!).

By the way, we admit that these 50 have taken us a bit longer than the first two sets of 50, and we can only apologize and make silly excuses such as sometimes we have to do actual life stuff. Which we do. But we’ll be better – we promise. Or at least not worse…

Stay tuned for Quatermass 2: Enemy From Space coming up sooner than you’d think!


We have officially decided that we have chosen to watch the list of the best director in the world (as all directors naturally have made a 1000 favourite films list)! This morning, by courier, we got a mysterious package delivered at our door. What did it contain, you ask? Well, just the best surprise we’ve ever received!


Two signed copies of the (now Grammy-nominated) Baby Driver soundtrack! As well as a card from Edgar Wright himself. We’re delighted and very grateful that the man takes time out of his busy schedule to send us this. Thank you so much, Edgar!


Hello the Internet!

We suspect that you are all waiting eagerly at home, refreshing your browsers and wondering if we’re going to update soon, or if we have perished from fatigue in our effort to get through 1000 films. So we are here to tell you that 1) we are very much still alive, and 2) we will update as soon as we can. We are currently having difficulty getting our hands on a film, because the library’s copy seems to have vanished. We are now in the process of ordering it from another library, but it will take a few days to get here.

We are very sorry about the delay, and we promise to post more often for a couple of weeks once we’re back to our usual viewing routine.

While you wait, enjoy this picture of doggo watching Spaceballs.

Barf is a little bit scary…

Favourites From #51 to #100

We’ve reached 100, and so it’s tradition to do a summary of old and new favourites so far (we’ve done it once before, hence the use of the word “tradition”). So pour yourself your beverage of choice, kick back, and enjoy going through our old posts.

Old favourites we’ve enjoyed rewatching:

New favourites we’ll definitely rewatch in the future:

Films, old and new, which left us mentally scarred for life and in desperate need of pictures of puppies:

Again, thank you all for joining us in this adventure and for reading our rambles on classic films which countless other people have written about more profoundly and eloquently than we could ever dream of doing. We’re having a blast!

We’ll leave you with an artist’s rendition of our physical and mental state 100 films in. Who’s who is up for debate…



Easter Break

As close to number 100 as we are, we are taking a short (one week) break from blogging. The reason is simply that we are Norwegians and Easter is upon us. As all good Norwegians know, Easter can be spent only one way: up in a cabin in the mountains with no electricity, running water, or internet, while we read crime novels in candle light and stuff ourselves with sweets and oranges.

Pretty much this, but with less skiing and more chocolate. And more (fictional) murders.


Naturally, this will put a damper on our ability to write stuff on the internet. Or watch new films, for that matter. We might manage one entry (one has to come down to civilization to shower once in a while after all), but the blog will be a bit more quiet than usual.

But fear not, gentle reader! We shall surely return ere long to continue our journey through the strange and wonderful list Mr Wright has provided for us, well rested and ready to reach no. 100! Until then, while the champagne chills in anticipation of our 100th entry, we wish you a happy Easter and we thank you all kindly for sticking with us and for reading our rambles.


Disclaimer About Numbering

Since Edgar Wright’s list (though magical) is in flux and he is constantly adding and removing films as he finds new favourites, our numbering system is subject to change.

Recently, two films have been added that throw off the system with which we have so far worked (as well as some other additions which do not affect our posts so far and thus we shall completely ignore them for now). When this happens, we will post the recent additions as soon as we can, with their proper numbers, and continue on using the current number of the films as we watch them. Or something. Honestly, we haven’t really worked it out yet, but we’re sure we will in time.

Until we have a clear system, should you come across two films which are both at number 37 and none that are at number 72, it is just because we’re too lazy to go back and change all the numbers and we’re always working with the list as it is on the day of posting.

This also means that you will get BONUS POSTS! Yay! Any film which is removed from the official list after we’ve already posted it will of course stay up, and some films which are removed after we’ve already purchased the DVD, will still get a blog entry. Because we would have spent money on that and by God people will see it! (Also, any film deemed worthy of being on the list at some point is definitely worthy of watching) Our guess is that we’ll end up with something more like 1500 films by the time it’s over.

Our sincere thanks to Mr Wright himself for alerting us to the recent changes, and to everyone who reads our musings. We appreciate you all.